How to use flaxseed oil for stretch marks

I love flaxseed oil, in fact, I take flaxseeds, ground, on a daily basis, and I think they are one of the healthiest foods you can eat; however, is flaxseed oil good for stretch marks?

Absolutely not!

I'm sorry to say this, but flaxseed oil, although extremely powerful and loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds, is not that great when it comes to stretch marks!

However, you can make it so! You can add a secret ingredient which is not only going to make it very powerful when it comes to stretch marks, but also very beneficial for your skin and it will also increase its beauty and healthy growth very rapidly.

The first idea you need to understand about flax seed oil is that if you don't get fresh one, in fact, if it's just two months old, it's already bad for you!

It's because flaxseed oil contains very weak omega three fatty acids, when they are exposed to oxygen and sunlight, they oxidize and go rancid extremely quickly, which is just terrible.

This is the reason why I always advise my readers to use flaxseed oil in capsules, I know that this idea is going to sound crazy, but it's fantastic and it will keep your flaxseed oil preserved and away from oxidation and damages.

The second idea you need to understand is using flaxseed oil that's unrefined and unfiltered is way better and more beneficial than using clear flaxseed oil as it doesn't contain many lignans which are very powerful fibers found in flax seeds, they are not only very powerful against cardiovascular problems and even cancer but are also very beneficial when it comes to your skin, they will protect it and will also create a beneficial environments where your skin is going to develop and absorb essential nutrients for its beauty.

So, how can you make flaxseed oil work for stretch marks, how can you make an amazing flaxseed oil for reducing and even getting rid of stretch marks?

Well, it's very easy; here are the ingredients you will need:

First of all, you will need at least two tablespoons of quality flaxseeds oil to which you are going to add one teaspoon of vitamin E oil and one tablespoon of argan oil, mix all these fatty acids in a dark glass container, as usual, preferably with a dropper, and shake very well, then, start applying onto your stretch marks, just a few drops every day, while massaging very gently.

After three months, you are going to notice amazing results and your skin is going to look fantastic.

Please, if you have a question concerning flaxseed oil and stretch marks, don't hesitate to post it in the section below:


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